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Introduction to 1.01 World Net Magazine

The BoK sounds good ... but what's the story?


Welcome to The BoK: Guiding you through the maze of Your Own Website.

Our new Articles page, the Magazine, was launched on the 25th of December, Christmas Day, 2020.

The BoK Mazagine, organises Articles by Category and Series.

It effectively, catalogues our growing list of Articles, enabling you to easily find what you are looking for.

So where is it?

The Magazine page is accessed via the Header Menu.

Access the Magazine from Header Menu

What about handhelds?

If you are using a handheld device such as a phone.

Firstly click the menu icon, then use the drop-down menu.

Access the Magazine from Header drop-down Menu

Is it also in the Footer?

Also, access the Magazine, from the Footer Menu.

Access the Magazine from Footer Menu

Select Articles via Category or Series

The top section contains all BoK Articles, separated by Category.

Image of The BoK Magazine page

While the bottom section contains a list of BoK Series'.

So give it a try!

So, what are you waiting for?

Tim StiX - Dec 25, 2020
Tim StiX is a Software Engineer with over 20 years experience in Net Technology.
See timstix.com for more information.
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