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Who the Hell is Tim StiX?

Getting YOU indexed by Search Engines

Welcome to Part 2 in a series on building up Google Cred’. How to get indexed and listed by Search Engines.

What is Google Cred’? Is it credibility? Close, but not exactly. More of that later.

This Part is focused on Personal Cred’. If you are new to the series, check out Part 1.

Tim Stix: Google Personal Cred'
Google Personal Cred'


People talk about SEO and SERPs and other confusing terms or TLA’s. But, at the end of the day, you and I just want to be listed in Google searches and preferably, right at the top.

I will reveal a few things up-front, so you know what to expect. This is not an unnecessarily, confusing article full of terms and acronyms. It is written for everyday humans, who may or may not, have a background in IT.

With that said, let’s clear up the few labels or terms I have used so far and put them away for a later story.

Unnecessary? Or Terms of Endearment?

SEO — Search Engine Optimisation

In simple terms for Bloggers and Authors, it is about using techniques or writing styles, to firstly get indexed and then improve the ranking, or position, on Search Engine Results Pages. Hopefully this missive with give you some clues on how to achieve that.

SERPs — Search Engine Results Pages

This is partially covered above, but essentially, it is the page or list you see, after typing a word or phrase into a Search Engine. The Results page.

TLA — Three Letter Acronym

A perhaps, cheeky moniker for the acronyms used to label or describe technology and consumer things. Such as Computer Languages, Protocols, Apps, Software, Devices and various other products or terms. It is quite common for acronyms to consist of three letters, hence the T in TLA.

IT — Information Technology

This covers a very wide range of Computer technologies including software, hardware, networking and the Internet. I’m sure we have probably all used the term “IT” as some point, so we’ll leave it at that.

Personal Cred'

The Subtitle of this article is Who the Hell is Tim StiX? But it could be, “Who the Hell is Fred Bloggs?”. It doesn’t matter, Tim StiX is not the real subject material.

The crux of the essay is really, “Who the Hell are YOU?”, how do we define “YOU”, as an entity for Search Engines to index?

If you are a Facebook user or a contributor to a Blog or Writing Platform, such as Vocal. Then you should already have at least one entry on Google or Bing. Possibly, some of your articles are also indexed.

But how do we increase your rankings and as such, your Cred’, for Search Engines to value and list highly?

The simple answer is Backlinks. Sorry, let’s just call them references or simply links.

Whenever you write and publish, you have an opportunity to create links to your own material. For example, to your Profile page or previous articles.

Don’t overdo it, just include relevant links in the appropriate locations.

Tim Stix: Google Article Cred'
Google Article Cred'

Create a Persona

About three or four months ago, I started creating an Internet Persona or presence. The persona I chose, is the pseudonym, the nom de plume, Tim StiX.

I’m known to my friends as StiX because I play the drums, apart from other instruments. But looking back, I was a little lucky with that choice because there is not a lot of competition for that moniker.

After a lot or work, sprinkling content on a rapidly growing Internet, it has started to bear a little fruit. A Google search for “timstix” usually returns a page or more of references to yours truly. Starting from the top position.

The first step was a vanity domain. I think that is a rather unkind name for the practice of purchasing a domain to nominate and affirm your Internet presence. Or simply a handle, in radio terms.

But whatever your opinion, I purchased the domain name timstix.com and created a basic Website.

I am in the process of creating a series of articles, for those of you who are inexperienced with Website Creation.

Starting with My Own Website — Chapter One: The Joys of Creating Your Own Website.

But the most appropriate for domain purchasing is My Own Website — Chapter Three: A Domain Name and Email Address for under $20.00.

There is more to come in the Series but publishing dates are subject to my available time.

Tim Stix: The Joys of Creating Your Own Website
My Own Website - Chapter One

Content Marketing

Is Content Marketing another SEO term? If so, I apologise again. But in a nutshell, it is simply marketing your content.

Your domain name is now your link destination. If all roads lead to Rome, then the port of call, the hub for persona links, is your Website landing page or Bio. Your OWN Capital.

At the end of your articles and if relevant, throughout the body, include a link to an appropriate page on your Site.

Your Own Website is also a great place to feature and promote your works. Create an Articles or Magazine page with a well-structured list of introductions to your published stories.

Each prelude should include at least one link to the actual article.

You can see examples of techniques, such as introduction/magazine pages, on my Websites. I won’t bore you with a host of links, if you want to see an example, try 101Universe.com/articles.

So how do we market our content. Similar to the property market’s location, location, location! Build some Google Cred’ with links, links, links.

Your articles link to your Website and your Website links back to your articles. Content Management in its simplest form.

Tim Stix: Google Images Cred'
Images from Articles

Final Thoughts

Is Google Cred’ actually credibility? Or maybe credit? I don’t think it is exactly either.

To me, cred’ is closer to credibility but more like potential energy. Building up momentum by being known to Search Engines through your bank of links.

I like to think of it as an advantage or a head start. It may not get us to the finish line in absolute first place every time because there is nearly always, someone bigger and better.

The aim is to get as high on the list as possible, or at least the first page.

We don’t have a marketing budget like the big guys. They have expert advice, better equipment and access to steroids! Their budget may get them top position, but do they have exactly what the searcher wants?

Our strategy is free and natural and doesn’t everyone prefer an unmodified, organic product!

Many years ago, my grade-six teacher told us a story about brotherly love and how our class, our circle, was only as strong as the weakest link.

So, my message here is to create as many links as possible and forge a strong, double-linked chain.

Originally Published on Vocal Media

This Article was originally published by Tim Stix on vocal.media.
Tim StiX - Jan 2021
Tim StiX is a Software Engineer with over 20 years experience in Net Technology.
See timstix.com for more information.
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