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A Book, Small, Black, slightly Shiny, possibly Leather ...

but more likely Faux

Tim Stix: Black Satin by the Sober Bard

Eyes blink open. Daytime ... just light. 6:58 AM ... 2 minutes till alarm. Damn! It feels like I just shut my eyes. Wait ... there was a pig-faced man overthrowing a monarchy ... a golden horse and ... a duck. No! An albatross? Wait ... no, it’s gone!

I reach to the nightstand and foil the wretched alarm. And then, there it is. A dark object, previously unseen, slightly shiny.

Betwixt sleep and unknown reason, I wrench myself awake and sit up in bed. Looking down on a ... book ...

Tim Stix: Black Satin by the Sober Bard

Small, black and yes, slightly shiny. Possibly leather. But more likely faux ...

Tim StiX - Feb 2021
Tim StiX is a Software Engineer with over 20 years experience in Net Technology.
See timstix.com for more information.
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