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So ... what is a BoK?

Bok: (1983 Bok - provisional designation: 1975 LB)
"1983 Bok" is a dark background asteroid, located in the central region of the asteroid belt. It was discovered in June 1985 by an American astonomer, Elizabeth Roemer.

With a diameter of approximately 15 kilometers, it rotates on its axis once in 10.70 hours and orbits the Sun every 4.24 years.

Bok was named after a couple of astronomers, Bart Bok (1906-1983) and Priscilla Fairfield Bok (1896-1975), in recognition of four decades of scientific study and contribution to astronomy of small Solor System bodies.

1983 Bok, a tiny World in a Universe of Things.
  BoK: Body of Knowledge
A BOK or BoK is a collection of terms, a professional reading list, a library, a website or a collection of information.
Bok: Book
1. a collection of sheets of paper
2. a work of literature
3. a published work
Swedish from Old Swedish bōk

The BoK: select articles ...

The Joys of Creating Your Own Website - Chapter One

Ever had the dream to create your very own Website?

Just think of it, choosing colors, images, topics of discussion. All your own choice and design.

Wow! An Aladdin's Cave, a Palpable Vision of Design, Creation and Admiration!

If you have ever, had that dream, join us for an honest, light-hearted yet totally serious look at the joys of Creating Your Own Website.

How to get Google Cred' - Part 2

The 2nd part in our Google Cred' Series - Personal Cred'.

Who the Hell are YOU? How do we get YOU indexed by Search Engines?

  Tim StiX: How to get Google Personal Cred'
My First Step into Nirvana

Have you ever had the feeling that a day is coming towards you like a crossroad?

The most important day of my Life!

  My First Step into Nirvana
Join John Berry for a new series on Web Animation.

This is the first part in a three-part series on animations within a Web page that will cover both JavaScript and CSS Animation.

In this first Article, John will be introducing JavaScript Animation.

Larger than Life

A thought-provoking Article on the Universe of Things.

An ecosystem of interrelated organisms, where everyone and everything is reliant on each other.

  Am I Larger than Life?
Pixel Art Animation Glossary

After reading John Berry's excellent series on Animation within Websites, I decided to include our Animation Glossary.

It was originally published on another of our Websites that is dedicated to Pixel Art Animation: www.stixfigures101.com.

  • Have you tried using a CSS-preprocessor like SASS, LESS or Stylus and found them difficult, or over-engineered?
  • Are you sick of downloading and installing new software, plug-ins, modules, and extensions?
  • Would you like a simple alternative with a short, relaxed learning curve?
  • Or would you just like to try a different approach to CSS creation and maintenance with your existing development platform?

Well sit back and relax and enjoy the journey ... this story takes us back to ... well quite a number of years. In fact, it was so long ago we were still using ASP.

We were creating quite a large Website for a Client and we wanted to be able to create a look for the Site with colors and fonts that were easily changeable - in case they did't like the theme we chose.

Which of course they didn't!


Welcome to The BoK: Advancing Your Own Website with a Knowledge Base of Net-Tech Articles and other Intriguing Stuff.

If this is your first visit to our humble website, then we would like to hail your serendipity with a hearty greeting ... Salute!

Welcome to the Website ... and Welcome to the Knowledge Base.

Thursday, November 26, 2020 was Launch Day for The BoK.

Over time the BoK will develop into a Library of information on a range of Topics and Genres, dedicated to: Your Own Website.

So, the door is open, come on in and chill-out ...

The BoK ... brought to you by 1.01 World Net

The BoK is a Book, a Body of Knowledge,
a collection of Articles, a Knowledge Base
of interesting and useful Information.

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